Jane O’Brien (English Tutor)

Jane O’Brien

Hello everyone,

I have been an English trainer for over 20 years, I have worked in language schools, colleges of further education, a huge range of companies and I have taught countless individuals alone and in small groups. Teaching English for me is like giving my students a box of building blocks. I teach you the rules of structure (the grammar) so that what you build won’t fall down and people will understand you and I help you find the blocks (vocabulary) you need, then it’s up to you to build and build!

I studied Media Communications in Dublin, where I am from, and worked for four years in a third level college managing the audio visual resource centre and teaching media applications.

In 1988 I left Ireland in search of adventure. I went to one of the most exciting cities in Europe, Barcelona and taught English in a language school there. I have been teaching English ever since, first for two years in Barcelona and since 1990 in my second home town, Hamburg with some summer courses in Ireland in between. The language remains the same but every learner, every group, every lesson is different. This is why I love my job. I love listening to people’s stories. I love helping my students to find their words in English, for their job or for whatever they want to do in this language. It is a great adventure. My other great passion is music. I sing and write my own songs. I have a band and I perform regularly in Germany.

I first came to West Cork as a child on several memorable family holidays. I thought I was in a foreign country then and it is indeed a place apart. I have been going there regularly now since Susan moved to Big Moon Cottage, and I have fallen in love with the area just as Susan has.

I really look forward to meeting you on a course at Big Moon Cottage, I look forward to teaching you and to showing you this magical corner of Ireland. Every group that comes here forms a bond of camaraderie through learning, exploring and discovering.

All the best,


Professional Profile

  • 1984 Diploma in Media Communications, Dublin
  • 1984 — 1988 Audio Visual Resource Centre manager and lecturer for Media in Education in St. Catherine's College of Education, Dublin
  • 1988 Certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language)
  • 1988 — 1990 Taught English at Merit School of English, Barcelona
  • 1990 — 1993 Employed at Inlingua International language School, Hamburg
  • 1993 — Present Self employed English teacher, communications coach and translator in Hamburg - Add-English Communications

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Susan O’Brien (Host)

Susan O’Brien

Hello Everyone,

I moved to West Cork, this beautiful place in rural Ireland, in 2004. I have been a meditation teacher for 21 years and I also run courses in meditation at Big Moon Cottage. In the 1970’s and 80’s I lived in New York City (Manhattan) for 10 years which taught me so much about many other peoples of the world and where I had a long sales career in the corporate sector, also a very people-centered occupation.

I have a great interest in the arts and I am fascinated by other cultures. I have travelled all over Europe and America, traveling being my great love. I have also been known to sing a nice song or two "of an evening" and Jane is a great singer and song writer too.

I think that it is so important to speak clearly when talking to a guest who is learning the language and this is why visitors always appreciate that they can understand me well in a conversation. I am also always happy to explain things I am saying another way or to help with any questions you may have.

Your instructor, Jane, is my sister. We are great friends and we share a lot of common interests, such as travel, a love of music and meeting and chatting to all sorts of people. Above all we enjoy working together in a team.

I am here to assist you with any information or help you may need and delighted to have a chat at any time, except, of course, when I am in the middle of my cooking!! I look forward to welcoming you to Big Moon Cottage.

All the best,